' The Wynnstay Arms Evidence Update'

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This page will be used to share all possible evidence from the Paranormal Investigation at the Wynnstay Arms Wrexham 31st October 2018.  Do you have something of interest to share? Please email us at: admin@paranormalinvestigationuk.com
History and Known Previous Activity (not given on the night) CLICK HERE TO VIEW & DOWNLOAD:

The first capture for this update page was taken by Paige Hughes. This photo taken in The Billiard Room together with a few more images and taken at 01.52 during a seance. On reviewing Paige spotted what appears to be a face of a guy wearing a hat; to the top left of the photo (circled) and appears to be looking directly down towards the Medium.

It is possible that the image is down to Pareidolia, which is a term for seeing shapes in random images where the brain reacts to this stimulus and gives you a possible image, a face being the popular one, the man in the moon is a perfect example of Pareidolia. However, none of the other images taken at the same time show this face or similar anomaly.

Light reflection from the light flash is another possibility we looked at, but the light is reflecting forwards and not backwards which rules that out.

The photo is absolutely genuine and we have the original intact image complete with all the metadata which this image was taken from. We have yet to review any audio or CCTV which was recording throughout, so we may well be sitting on backup evidence which validates this photo further.

Great capture from Paige and thanks for sharing it with us.
The Cellar Light Anomaly - Full Spectrum Camera.
Full spectrum cameras use infra red for it's light source and the camera has a different lens to only let in the lower end of the light spectrum, the main advantage is dust and airborne partials that can reflect light back are no longer a problem. In other words, false orbs can only be photographed if the IR light source is too close to the camera lens. If you keep the light source away from the camera lens and still photograph an orb, there is a good chance that the orb is emitting its own light source visible to the full spectrum camera.
The above photo was taken by Paige Hughes using our camera in the far area of the cellar. This light anomaly is producing it's own energy source. We have no explanation what it is but is in keeping with other evidence we have gathered over many years but it's still remains rare to capture this type of anomaly (right image is magnified)
This second image, again in the cellar but a different area, taken by Investigator Andrew Draper, appears to show a similar light anomaly. Out of 140 images taken in the cellar, only these two produced any evidence and both of the same or similar anomaly.

PB SB7 Spirit Box Session Captures Room 8.

The SB7 is a radio which sweeps channels at 200 milliseconds. The theory is that a spirit communicates within the white noise generated and along side this sweeping noise, if you hear a clear voice saying a single word within the sweep, means the word spoken is over four or more channels which makes cross radio talk not an option.

The following is the audio recorded from the SB7 on a simple digital recorder. Each track title is the suggested word or words being spoken.
1 Bar Area SB7:  This first voice capture is a male and remarkably is a full paragraph and sounds like 'How do you know'. The channels sweep for this sentence is between 10 and 12. 
2. Bar Area SB7: This second voice is again a male saying 'Tipsy'.


Samples of various anomalies found when reviewing the CCTV.
Explanations are given on each short movie.

This anomaly has an unusual shape, changing from tubular to almost flat. It comes from the direction of a laser grid projector we set up which runs off DC current rather than mains AC current, which we know DC being the main energy source for spirit activity. Has this energy cluster just been energised by the laser power source?.