Our Number One request for an opinion are regarding Orbs, either as a movie or in a photo. We welcome all these requests because that leaves at least 1% that stand out to be very different, and just a few weeks ago that is exactly what happened. So please keep sending them into us.

On the 7th July this year, some parents noticed an unusual white ball object on the CCTV monitor which was installed in their 2 year old's bedroom. On further inspection they realised something wasn't right about this light anomaly, we were then contacted to give an opinion.

This movie is one of three taken during this event and the one linked here is the longest. In total several minutes of footage was taken of the same orb which completely rules out any natural cause. No other light anomalies were captured either in dust or insect form. Without doubt one of the most remarkable orbs we have ever seen and in all it's full glory. Clearly intelligent, even disappearing for a few seconds as it travels left to right over the baby sleeping.

So what is this Orb?. Having consulted with a number of Spirit Mediums, they all confirmed what we suspected, a Spirit Orb. The brightness of the Orb is impressive and appears to be pulsing with energy. Some people have suggested they can see a face within the light and others said it's two orbs within one energy sphere. Who is it? There are a number of possibles, the family have lost a father figure and a grand parent, but others feel the energy is so strong that the only possible explanation is a guardian.

There is a twist to this story. The day before this footage was taken, the parents sister had visited (she lives some 2 hours away) and her 3 month baby was placed in the same cot for a few hours.