The Somerset Demon Case.
If you ever needed a reason not to play about with a Ouija or Spirit Board here it is.

(the identity and exact location have been omitted for reasons of privacy)

We got contacted a few days after a home made board was used and this was key to getting the problem stopped quickly. The entity that was unleashed had already gained enough energy to makes it's presence known, bangs and knocks and before long damage the occupiers heard a scratching to find a door damaged (see photo below)
The couple who admitted to using the board still had the board. This was found and destroyed but not before the entity chose it's target for the attack, the male partner.

As the following photos show, the attack was pretty fierce.

The mistake the entity made was to attack the partner of the girl too early. Had this entity been a bit more clever and waited and allowed to grow in energy and power, you don't need a big imagination to guess what would of happened.

Too many people say that spirit boards, bought or home made, are not a problem if you use proper controls. Our belief is simple: If you never use a board you not going to get attacked and have your life turned upside down. Heed the advice.