We were contacted in August 2017 to investigate and explain some issues that was occurring in a house in Liverpool England.

Two recent issues had occurred, the first was a child's cup, in front of three witness's moved across the fire hearth. The witness's had heard the cup moving and why they all looked to see it move as if by invisible hands. Unfortunately we have no evidence to back up this claim.

A few weeks later, the house owner was playing with her children who were using 'play-dough' and they made a vase from the material and then stuck a memorial poppy into the play-dough vase. A few minutes later the poppy started to revolve and long enough for the occupant to get her mobile phone and film the event - see movie below.
Conclusion: Difficult to know what to make of the activity. A common thread is the items that were affected were children's items.

There is some history of hauntings from previous houses the occupant had lived in, but it's very unlikely this sort of activity would travel.

The occupant has been advised to report further activity.

Unexplained - This case remains open.