The Leopard Inn Stoke on Trent

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09 September 2017

Following the investigation at The Leopard on the 9th September, the hard work continues as we review some twenty hours of CCTV, hours of audio recordings and thousands of photos. This takes weeks to get through and a long time before you read the final report. We have decided with Laura Bailey's permission, from now on, we will open a new page and update it as evidence is found, a sort of rolling commentary. This allows you to review what was captured the very same day that we find it. You will need the link to view the page as this page is hidden and is for the benefit of those who attended. You are free to comment and give your own thoughts on any evidence.

Do you have anything from The Leopard and would like to share it on this page? Please contact Laura Bailey or send us an email to:

10/09/17. Photo taken (second photo) in the Cellar at 12.06. Amanda, Andy and Tony present. The first and third photos are those taken before and after the strange anomaly was captured. No flash was used. Nothing could be seen with the naked eye. The last photo is the same anomaly photo but highlighted with software (light added to image).
12 September 2017 - The cellar movie. In total 40 minutes of movie footage was taken. Cut down to show just the activity to 6 minutes.

The following was noted which can be followed by watching the movie below the description. The three light anomalies can be viewed by either clicking the links or viewing the photos at the bottom of the page.

The cellar activity with Laura Bailey. 45 minute session. Here are the highlights.

8 secs - K2 Meters light up.
17 secs - Camera out of focus.
33 secs - K2 Meter to right lights up.
1.02 - Camera out of focus.
1.22 - Camera out of focus.
1.37 K2 meter battery failure on one of the units, and when spoken ' that battery has gone down' another separate K2 meter spikes.
1.55 Mel Meter EM field alarm - Caused by something that can conduct electricity, for example 'static'. As above and remained until
2.10, whatever set off the Mel Meter is still in front of the table, the camera is unable to focus for this period of time.
2.10 Camera back in focus.
2.13 - Tony hears something to his left and moves camera down to towards the left floor area. 2.15 As camera moves, an anomaly comes into view (see link and screen shot image) This has to be some form of energy cluster which set off the mel meter, why the camera went out of focus and made the noise.
2.19 - Fast moving anomaly from left to right. See screen shot.
2.22 - Camera again out of focus.
2.30 - K2 meters spike.
2.37 - K2 meters spike.
2.44 - Camera out of focus.
2.53 - Camera out of focus - focus issues appears to react to Laura's/Ovilus voice.
3.07 - Right K2 meter spike.
3.13 - Camera out of focus.
3.19 - K2 meters spike when asked to touch table.
2.24 & 3.32 - Just the Left side K2 meter spike after being asked.
3.33 - Camera out of focus when Ovilus speaks.
3.40 - Huge spike from both K2 meters when asked if it was touching metal.
3.46 & 3.47 - K2 spikes again after Alice name was used.
3.59 - Huge K2 spike after being asked if still here.
4.07 - Right K2 meter spikes.
4.13 - Right side K2 meter spikes.
4.20 Both K2 meters spike.
4.26 Just right side K2 spike.
4.31 - Huge red line K2 spikes after Ovilus and Laura speaks 'mercury'.
38 - Just right side K2 spike after Laura asks 'so you are here'.
4.49 - Mel Meter SDD (shadow detection) lights up indicating something crossed in front of the front facing sensor, which is facing towards the ceiling.
4.56 - Right K2 then left K2 spike following question 'happened to your leg'.
5.27 - Right side K2 spikes as Laura is asking question.
5.32 - Right side K2 spikes as Laura is asking a question.
5.37 - Fast moving anomaly shooting from Laura towards table (see link to photo - this has been highlighted) 5.45 - Both K2 meters spike after being asking for 'message before we leave'.
5.53 - Both K2 meters quick spike.

Equipment used.
Ovilus 3
Mel Meter x 2
K2 EMF meters x 3
Full Spectrum Camera
Olympus Recorder
20 September 2017 - The Corridor Anomaly. The activity was not just focused to the cellar. As often happens, it is on reviewing that something unusual is found. The time is 23.07, a number of people are on the corridor conducting a seance. Investigator Darren Jennings walks, towards the crowd of people, and a few seconds later a white glowing ball travelling quickly from left to right before either dissipating or going through the wall, moments later a small 'Skeleton Man' is tracked by the Kinetic equipment before that disappears.

There are two events here, the kinetic skeleton man and the fast moving white anomaly. The easy one is the skeleton man. We feel this is more likley due to a software glitch as it tracks two people followed by a third person (Darren Jennings) However, the white moving ball of light is more difficult to debunk. We have reviewed all CCTV camera's for the time of 23.07.58 secs and found nothing that would account for the anomaly.

Have a watch of the movie for yourself.  We have also slowed the movie down on the second part.
We have spent a considerable amount of time on this footage and we are unable to debunk it. The only light source in the area were torches and this anomaly is not a torch, no light beams are attached to the light. If the light was coming from ahead, you would expect the light to disappear when Darren Jennings walked across it, but it doesn't, when you freeze the movie, the light is still present on Darren's pants. Clearly the light is behind him and the anomaly is producing it's own light source. We use a high number of software suites to enhance or 'look into' footage which includes 'Image PX' which was built by Bill Chapel of Digital Dowsing and Ghost Adventures.

Firstly here is the footage screen shot showing the glowing anomaly.

Using the same screen shot photo we, applied the 'Black and White' option within Image PX to enable only areas showing light to be viewed. The large white object at the bottom is the anomaly. We have no idea what the anomaly is and considered to be UNEXPLAINED.

03 October 2017 - Audio Captures.

We used a number of recording devices on the night and still working our way thought them. We currently have four positive captures that are of interest.

This first voice capture occurred in the room next to the main control room and recorded as an EVP early on in the investigation. It appears to say 'TALK TO YOU'.

Leopard EVP Talk to you
This second sound file was recorded when an app called 'Echo Vox' was used in the main Control Room. Echo Vox 3.0 doesn't use any form of dictionary based word bank which makes the capture more remarkable. The words are clear and seem to say 'ALBERT BAILEY'. We have been busy researching which included the names of people who were living at The Leopard on the various census's up too 1911, and found two Bailey's, an Arthur and a female, but no others. Given we have Laura Bailey; could it be that this name was meant for her? Laura was contacted and she confirmed she had an uncle 'Bert' who was 'Albert'.  What was even more remarkable, when contacted she was at that point looking into her families ancestry and well aware of an Albert Bailey. Is this just a coincidence?
Albert Bailey Echovox Leopard
This third sound file was captured when everyone was down in the cellar and a recorder was simply left on the table that had one of the Kinetic devices placed on it. This EVP continued the dark natured reputation of The leopard as the voice appears to say 'Criminal Raper'. No one was upstairs at the time this recording was taken.
EVP Leopard Criminal Raper

This forth capture was taken in the cellar during an 'Echo Vox' session and appears to say 'He Hurt Me'.

Cellar Echovox 2 He Hurt Me

Conclusion: The Leopard is a strange venue, you never really know where you are with the place or what to expect. The place felt different to the last visit just six months previously, the Landlady announcing later that due to issues in her own home, which was next door to the Leopard, they brought in three 'Experts' to clear the venue of the bad spirits. Some of the rooms had been 'sealed' due to the severe activity, rumours of demonic attacks were prevalent, and it appears no one wanted to talk about it. Sure, a number of rooms had been carefully locked with some pretty robust fasteners.

This raises a number of possibilities: What we were being told was fact, or the various stories being thrown about have been altered to suit a purpose, and if you thinking we are sounding suspicious, you will be right. The rooms sealed off we remember well from the visit six months previously, were in very bad shape including windows broken allowing rain to enter the rooms, floors unstable etc. Is it just coincidence that the same rooms we knew to be in a dangerous condition were now 'locked down' due to extreme activity?

The venue is still active and the venue is still hired out for paranormal events and at high cost. The place has been investigated to death, and we can say at times by groups that have a satanic interest, something that your normal run of the mill Paranormal Investigation teams.

Will we ever return there? Who knows.