The Fish Pond Anomaly.

This photo was taken after the guy caught this impressive carp 19th July 2017 at approx 22.40pm.

On viewing a large orange coloured light anomaly was captured which was not seen at the time the photo was taken. It was confirmed that no one was behind him or even smoking close by, he had been fishing for sometime alone and only involved one guy when he caught the fish and wanted a photo. It has passed our stress tests and we can say it is genuine. But what is it?

After applying a number of different filters we discovered the anomaly is reflecting the light back towards the camera which you would not get with smoke from tobacco or vaping.

On closer inspection the light appears to be that of a head with the face looking upwards towards the sky. Noe, eyes and mouth are clearly defined. Added to that is the head appears to also have shoulders. If it was some type of reflection of the fisherman, you would expect to see the fish in the frame as well similar to the fisherman.

Outcome: Case Closed as 'Unexplained  - Possible Paranormal'.