Did the father of the bride who passed away 12 years ago, return to see his daughter?

(We do have permission to use this footage, no names or location are disclosed to ensure anonymity)

Loosing a parent is tough for any child. For a daughter, a day will come when she will get married and they would wish for nothing more than for them to be there at this special moment.

A wedding like this is going to be emotionally charged, the loved one is missed more than ever.

In this photo, the bride thinks she stands alone for the photo. But was she alone?.

As the photo below shows, her right arm and hand have disappeared and behind her a white mist is clearly seen. The bride also felt something throughout the day. This is where her father always held her arm.

This is the third image we have reviewed this year which shows this striking phenomena. We don't have a natural reason for it. We have the original image and it's genuine.

The photo caused so much of a sensation, that the Leicester Mercury newspaper pick up the story and it made headlines: LINK TO NEWS STORY

The photo will be a very special moment for the bride. And for those of you that have lost a loved one, take comfort, if your loved one thinks you need their help, and more so if there is a party taking place later, don't be surprised if your loved one comes and joins you.

(Photo Left) The brides father's picture at the wedding reception. The small box in front of the picture are part of his ashes.