The Drill Hall

Investigation - 28 October 2017

The Evidence Page

**(May 2018: Please see bottom of page for an important update on this venue)

The best advice offered to anyone considering visiting The Drill Hall, Winsford as a visitor or attending any event held there, please don't bother. Avoid this place. At the time of writing this update, fourteen days after our investigation, some of our team are still suffering attachments of various types and strengths. Avoid it unless you like your paranormal events to be demonic and mixed in with skin burns, scratching, illness, pain and a very good chance of taking something home with you. Something very dark has engulfed the Drill Hall and it remains there.

Consider The Drill Hall Winsford to be absolutely dangerous.

BACKGROUND AND HISTORY: The hall was build and opened in 1901 and ready for the soldiers of Winsford returning from the Boer War. In 1930 it became a cinema and in the 1970's a Bingo Hall which it has remained up to 2005. In 1916 a river boat sank in the flash's and six people died including a Mrs. Lightfoot, aged 38, who had seven children. Her husband was away fighting in the first world war. All six bodies were taken to The Drill Hall. 

In recent years the hall fell into disrepair and attempts made to save it from demolition. It is now a Grade 2 listed building. At the time of the investigation the hall had fallen into an even worse condition. An application to demolish the hall and build 31 flats has been approved.

Welcome to the Drill Hall Winsford update page.  As evidence is reviewed we will be adding new footage and information here. This Investigation was again led by Spirit Medium Laura Bailey. Five investigators were involved together with Laura's team Soul Traders.

Without question, this venue was the mostly active place we have ever encountered and that activity was very dark and demonic in nature. Every person, Investigators and Mediums, came away with some form of attachment including the following:

Severe back ache - Six people.
Severe burning to the back followed by scratching - One person (felt in the cellar)
Severe burning to front leg area and knees - One Person.

Severe head ache and hip pain (unable to walk) - One person.
Severe (partial  possession) character changes to human hosts - Seven people.

From the moment we arrived at the venue, we experienced battery drain and failure on an unprecedented and massive scale. 16 separate known items of equipment, it was almost like everything you tried to use suffered battery failure. Some equipment using multiple batteries. For reasons of completeness the list is noted below. In all the years we have been investigating, we just do not suffer battery failure, it just doesn't happen. We test all our equipment batteries either on the day or the day before any investigation. The major concern for us; what needed this amount of energy?. As far as we were concerned, and had in fact been told, the venue had never been investigated before, so battery failure on this scale was unprecedented. What we didn't know and would not know for another 48 hours, the venue had been 'investigated'  before, and on several occasions a Ouija board had been used. Activity had then escalated and why Laura Bailey and her team were brought in by the current owner of the building. The problem was, no one was aware until it was too late.

The Drill Hall Winsford - Equipment Battery Failure Record.

NOTE: It is common for batteries to fail and show zero charge during paranormal activity to then find the following day it's recovered. The only explanation is the battery is subjected to a sudden huge energy drain. In reported cases of actual attacks where the human has received burns, scratches and bites, many have reported battery failures prior to the attacks.


EVP 1 - During this session with the Ovilus 3 in the kitchen, Tony said we should try the SB7 Spirit Box. A voice was recorded as an EVP saying in a aggressive tone 'DO IT'.
EVP 2 - Again in the kitchen area during the Ovilus 3 session. A word not relevant with the session being conducted, this recorded EVP says 'CANCER'.
EVP 3 - Kitchen Area. Again during the Ovilus session, a voice, possibly a child, says 'WE'RE HERE TO PLAY'.
EVP 4 - Kitchen area. No question this EVP is that of a child. What is more compelling is Andy say's We'll be back soon'. The voice is answer say's 'HE'LL BE BACK HERE TOO'.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Hearing a voice of a child in any normal investigation would be alarming, no one wants to hear a child's voice and think a child was lost or trapped. But given the demonic nature of the Drill Hall, we can not dismiss the high probability that the entity was in fact demonic and mimicking the energy of a child. This is extremely common. The activity throughout the investigation was strange and bizarre. Of interest, Amanda Griffith's felt on first entry into the hall that a child was trying to contact her, this view was shared by Laura Bailey. At one point Amanda had to leave the area when she started to become emotional.
The intention was to hold a seance to move this child on. A circle, very white in nature, with Laura in the centre and providing a safe place for any child spirit. Yet, Laura said it was not possible due to the child no longer being present. This brings a further question mark as to exactly what Laura and Amanda thought they had encountered. Remember, the activity was demonic and highly manipulative and relies on trickery and one of it's trends is to mimic and trap you into thinking a particular energy was innocent, and a common thread is using a disguise of a child either in voice or manifestation, even both.


ThE 'FULL SPECTRUM' camera films using all the colours of the spectrum, including those lower frequencies a human can not see. The advantage of these cameras is they don't show dust due to the ultra violet light it emits is low power, therefore not reflecting dust. On first use at the Drill Hall, the camera with it's eight batteries lasted just over 3 minutes before failing. It's what we did capture that is so compelling (THE MOVIE IS BEST VIEWED ON A COMPUTER NOT A SMART PHONE).

After a few seconds you will notice the whole footage goes out of focus, the auto tracking and focus software kicks tries to re-focus. It is this that brought the problem to Tony Hayes's attention via the view finder. Moving away from the area where people had gathered in the middle of the room, the camera's focus is fine, move back to the centre circle, the camera not only goes out of focus, but a strange swirling can be seen, similar to water running down a window. This camera films in high quality HD and all footage and images should be clear. This energy mass is approx 30/35 in height, and around 25 feet in width, a huge energy cluster which is difficult to find a rational explanation for.

The footage can be viewed below.

A large number of photos were taken in the main hall. Out of this series of photos two stood out as strange. On the first two photos below, a large blue anomaly is present in the air, it also appears to be in the centre of a tube running from the ceiling to the floor the next two photos taken show this anomaly on the ground. The photos before and after these shots show nothing. The two photos to the right of each one is when colour contrasting is added. Blue is spiritually associated with psychic energy and truth. It is a very calming color, and many people associate it with spiritual guidance.
On this next photo, taken this time on a full spectrum camera, a large circular anomaly can be seen at the top. The size and shape is similar to the above photo but on the opposite end of the hall and taken at a different time.
Changes to a persons character.
As of the 3rd November 2017,  we have been receiving reports of unexplained character changes within a number of Investigators and Mediums present in the hall.

Investigator: Andy - A feeling of extreme anger with people in the building within 10 minutes of arrival. At times wanting to hurt people.

Medium: Rachel - Feeling angry with anyone who spoke during the investigation.

Investigator: Amanda - Bursts of deep emotional feelings. Would clear once outside the building. A feeling of fear for 4 days following the investigation.

Investigator: Tony - Feeling fear and being watched for 48 hours following the investigation. Cleared after a few days.

Medium: Amy - After being 'over-shadowed' felt the need to snarl. Managed to clear the feeling.

Suffering Nightmares within the first 48 hours following the event:
1. Rachel.
2. Tony.
The Projector Room.
The projector room did have a different feeling to it and was felt by all those that ventured into that room. A high number of full spectrum photos were taken. In this series of three photos taken within seconds of each other. Photo 1 shows a small anomaly which is seen to the left (indicated by the white arrow). Photo 2 shows the small anomaly is no longer there but a larger object has come into the frame. I suspect this small object has manifested into the larger object. Photo 3 shows nothing and the anomaly has disappeared.
Ovilus 3 Session Middle of the Main Hall
This session used a Mel Meter for EMF and temperature readings. Again a full spectrum camera was used. The temperature was a steady 13.7 but fluctuated between 13.8 and 14.4 When the Ovilus spoke, the temperature changed and the camera goes out of focus. We have no explanation for any of this behaviour.

The main hall had no heating on for some years, it was also in the middle of the hall where you would expect the temperature to remain stable. People were not close enough to the equipment to make any difference. We have not seen this behaviour before and we have used this method a number of times.

If anything, you would expect the temperature to fall not rise.
The Broken, Missing and Moved Pendulums.
One of the strangest things that occurred during and following the event involved three pendulums and a set of rosary beads. Very early on in the investigation, a number of pendulums were borrowed to various people. Everyone kept hold of these until the event ended. During our own Ovilus session, the building owner was holding his pendulum, and in front of all of us, it snapped and fell on the floor. Nothing really to note with that. We then moved into the main hall and were approached by one of the female guests holding a rose crystal cross that she had found in the back room. This turned out to belong to Laura Bailey, who was surprised to see her set of rosary beads missing it's cross. On the same night Amanda, who had also borrowed a pendulum and had it in her pocket, found the pendulum missing, and despite repeated attempts to retrace her steps, the pendulum remains missing. Meanwhile, Tony who had his own pendulum in his pocket at the event but never used it there, used his pendulum exactly two weeks after the event when on the phone to Amanda in the kitchen. The following day after getting up, he stood on the same pendulum which was now on his bedroom floor carpet. He has no idea how that came to be.

We have decided to add these events to this report due to the bizarre nature of all four events. It may mean nothing, but it may mean something.
The Projector Room 'vibrating' Shadow.
This evidence can only be taken as a personal experience due to not being able to provide any evidence to back this up. In the projector room Kathy brought to Tony's attention that a large shadow type object, shaped like an arm, was moving quickly on the floor by the door entrance. I described it as 'vibrating'. We were unable to debunk it, it was not anything or anyone in the room. I took the full spectrum camera and started to film the area. On the movie you will hear Tony saying he could not see the object through the cameras view finder, yet we all could see it with our own eyes. After approx 3/4 minutes the object disappeared. We are unable to explain what this activity was and we are certainly unable to debunk it.
The Anomaly.
In keeping with the mysteries of the Drill Hall, this photo was taken by Kathy of Zac in the main entrance. It shows a green circular object attached to the left arm of Zac. Dust orbs are normally airborne and need light to shine though them for it to reflect. This object is on Zac's arm, and if it was dust, would not show as a reflection, you would see nothing. We are unable to explain the anomaly or it's green colour. Green Orb's do have a spiritual meaning and I have copied off the explanation for those of you that feel this anomaly has a spiritual significance, although we do not necessarily share these views.

In spiritual practice, green is associated with the heart. It is also associated with nature. Green orbs are sometimes thought to be an indication of the presence of a human spirit, as opposed to one that was never on Earth in human form. Likewise, green orbs may represent love or oneness with nature.
The Projector Room Entity.
This small area was proving to be extremely active, it had a whole different feeling than the rest of the building. Following an Ovilus 3 and SB7 session we made our way out, Tony was still filming with the full spectrum camera, hears and senses something. As he turns round, to the right there is a doorway, an entity of an unknown type comes out of the doorway, turns to the left and in a split second has gone back where it came from. The screen shot below shows you the area of interest when you watch the movie, the entity is difficult to see and you may need to watch a number of times. The full movie is available to download on request.
The Shadow Man
This extraordinary photo was taken by Amy, 23 September 2017, and in the middle of the afternoon when the hall was first visited by Laura and Amy Bailey. A series of photos were taken which included the one attached here. The photo is genuine.

The photo shows a black shadow and of human shape, against the back pillar to the left of the photo. Clear black lines can be seen in front of the shadow. We have no idea what these lines are, some sort of energy vapor?. Looking to the cropped photo to the right of the main photo, you will note at the top of the pillar what appears to be a face or head. The face/head could be just down to 'Pareidolia' But the black shadow and lines can not be debunked.

The photo to the right was taken by Kirsty 4 weeks later, 28 October 2017 and on the night of the investigation, this shows the same area. No marks of any sort can be seen and considered to be the cause of the black lines.

The Shadow Anomaly - The Main Hall
This next piece of evidence was kindly provided by Kirsty Owen who was present at the investigation. There were five photographs taken by Kirsty and of a set of doors at the end of the main hall. Sat in a chair to the right of door is the partner of one of the Mediums. The first question is, why did Kirsty take five photos in the first place? Let us look at these photos.
As an investigation team, we look at all evidence supplied to us in detail. This may include any data such as personal experiences. Given two weeks have elapsed after the event, we know of the oppressive energy as well as the activity of the drill hall, and it's affected everyone, Kirsty stating she had 'heart palpitations' when waiting for the event to start in the main hall, is therefore taken more seriously. She also heard footsteps on the stairs and even took a witness with her to investigate the noise, they both then heard a loud bang, so loud they described it as 'loud as a firework', both bolted back down the stairs and into the main hall to calm down. Kirsty said she also saw shadows all over the building and why she took a number of photos at the end of the main hall. Given our own Investigator Andy also saw at least one black shadow on the far wall and we also have a photograph that evidenced a black shadow, is yet another account of the sinister activity of the place.

One thing which is impossible to capture as evidence is a 'feeling', you have to be at the location to sense it. Mediums, developing or experienced, use energy as a source of information. As investigators, we don't really have feelings, but more often than not, we can sense something, like we did when we first entered the projector room area.

When we looked at the photographs Kirsty kindly supplied to us, we do agree that something appears to be standing to the left of the doors. It's also on all five photos, which rules out dust or some other form of contamination. We do have a number of theories what this anomaly could be, and one being a torch being shone from behind one of the door windows which reacts to the camera flash being used. But there are problems with this idea, if it was the case only the square area of the window would be seen, yet on close examination a misty anomaly of human shape is present, head to toe.

Kirsty maintains apart from the guy sat on the chair no one else was present when the photos were taken, she remembers this clearly.

We took one of the photos and used filters to see if this could uncover anything. The photo below is when the colour in enhanced.

The photo left is the same photo but with the image spectrum  inverted.

It is clear something is present but we have no idea what it is. Due to not being a clear image and the possibility of a natural reason we have decided to class this as 'UNEXPLAINED' but given the nature of the drill hall, very likley to be Paranormal.

Conclusion. As of 11 November 2017, we have no idea how this story will pan out. There are many conflicting accounts as to what exactly took place at the drill hall which triggered the activity as well as stories of the owners partner being pushed in the hall, workman refusing to enter the building as well as a box of discarded bingo cards being thrown into the air and witnessed by the owner and his partner. If this is true, we need to ask a simple question 'Why were we not told in advance'. Both the owner and his partner were present at the investigation, surely activity of this level and scale should have been disclosed? You don't have to be a seasoned investigator when told this sort of information to have not realised something very dark was happening at the drill hall and then considered a very different approach rather than being thrown in at the very deep end.

We are also aware that the person being blamed by the owner for the activity also has an investigation of his own planned in early December 2017. Why is he still being allowed in the place?. This same guy had also been invited by the owner to attend our investigation but Laura Bailey intervened and stopped that from happening. Why did he wish to attend Laura's event? Was it to witness a high number of being being subjected to demonic attack?

We are also aware of a possible return to the Drill Hall being planned to try and address the activity but using just investigators and mediums. We don't even know if the December event has even been cancelled where 'Joe Public 'is being asked to pay £25.00 to attend - why would you want to investigate it again to help the owner when he has full knowledge a further public event being planned in December?.

We have never investigated a venue that has captured so much evidence and all that evidence points to the activity as demonic. We also know we are not being told the full story and that leaves us thinking; Why is that the case?

Additional Information: Ley Lines.

When you consider the amount of activity experienced at the Drill Hall, it does makes you wonder what mechanism is used to harness this much power. We know a Ouija board was used at the location several times, however so have many other people and in their own homes and they certainly don't have the level of activity as the the Drill Hall, yes many problems do occur and most not pleasant, but I have yet to read any report where multiple attacks, 15 people or more, on humans have taken place at any one time. Some may say that whatever has engulfed the Drill Hall was just waiting, I can accept that at least two Mediums involved in the investigation has experiences prior to the night we all arrived and some of those experiences were bizarre. Laura Bailey started to see water droplets in her home, also a pair of slippers were found to be soaking wet through, she also experienced a bad feeling when driving past the place a few days before. Laura had been to the Drill Hall some weeks before the event and had photographed the venue, some of those photos have been used on this page. Amy who was with her at the time, took the photograph of the black shadow moving through the air. No one else experienced anything prior to the event, can that be just coincidence?.

We as an investigation team have looked at heavy weight activity previously, and one of those theories involves Ley Lines, Portals and the Vortex. All three do have a scientific basis in particularly Ley Lines. Now, in principle Ley Lines do not exist. They are not something you will find on a map, but what isn't in dispute is when you line up certain buildings and monuments, some prehistory such as Stonehenge, they can merge into one area. Ley Lines are not associated with the UK but the world over, each connecting to each other as the most important sites of the world are lined up as a grid, examples of the major sites are the Pyramids, Nazca Lines, Mayan Temples and so on.

It's been excepted for some years that the ancients built certain sites in particular areas and without the aid of global satellites or mapping. There are literally thousands of such sites throughout the world that link up in graph form, suggesting it's just a big coincidence is a big stretch.

Many high level spiritualists work with the earth energies. Mediums themselves work with energies. As an investigation team, we receive approx six requests per week for help with what they feel is paranormal activity. The first thing we do is to check the location for mobile phone masts including Airwave as well as electrical pylons. Any of these will change the magnetic field of the location. The scientific name for this is 'Geopathic Stress'.  Further information can be found by visiting out sister site EVP UK and following this LINK

Photo above: Main Ley Lines connecting the Drill Hall (white arrow)
We live in a toxic world, the earth does emit radiation and gravity changes the earths electro magnetic field (EMF), but the levels are not harmful to humans, we have evolved to live within these natural levels. The problem comes when you are close to unnatural sources; mobile phone masts and electrical pylons are the big two. The USA is the only country that fully accepts that high levels of EMF, above 5mg, can be harmful if the contamination is long term, in other words you live in it. There is a very long list of devices and equipment that give off high levels of EMF, microwave ovens, mobile phones/tablets, TV's, some lighting, electric blankets, all charging devices, monitors etc are just a few. If you live close to a phone mast and go to bed with your phone on charge in the bedroom next to your head, turn on the electric blanket and watch TV at the same time, your now putting your body into EMF overload.

Two of the widely excepted symptoms of high level contamination of EMF are feelings of 'ill-ease' and seeing 'black lines' and 'dark shadows'. I have no doubt you will have seen the paranormal connection and why we check the data bases for masts and pylons when we are first contacted.

Everyone connected to spiritualism excepts that spirits are energy. Some feel this energy contains the essence (the persons individuality) and the memory of the person who has passed. To do things they need energy, they don't have a energy containment system like a human, so continued energy is needed to do certain things; manifest, communicate and move items. This is why investigators use EMF meters to record measurements, the belief is when a spirit is active, readings can be recorded indicating changes to the localised EMF. We have experienced readings from a small change to high levels of more than 30 mg. It is why we use a high number of EM Pumps, these devices emit EMF, a sort of 'spirit top up'. In March 2017, we attended a business in Northwich Cheshire, that was having 'issues'. Using a Kinetic tracking system (XCAM) we captured an entity for a approx 5 seconds before it disappeared. We then started an EM Pump and sometime later an entity appeared and remained there for several minutes and no more than 2 feet away from the EM Pump. (see movie below) This is considered to be the worlds longest manifestation capture on record and shows clearly how a spirit can use energy.
When you consider the activity experienced at the Drill Hall, for example the huge battery drain issue, the supply and demand of spirit energy takes on a whole new meaning. Burning of skin and partial possession was the order of the day, I am far from convinced the batteries were the only source of energy needed for the activity being experienced, it was too intense, so it had to come from somewhere else.

It is plausible, that somehow, a crack has been opened into the earths energy lines, it would explain the level of activity experienced. This has also clearly opened up some form of bad vortex allowing the dark entities to travel freely. What that guy called upon when conducting his satanic rituals we may never know, what isn't in dispute is what has happened.

There are two thoughts on what to do next. Some feel the location can never be healed, I don't agree with that view. What is opened can be closed, it's just the knowledge to do so that is hard to find.

In my view the location may need two different types of individuals to heal the Drill Hall. The first stage is someone who has experience with spirit and entity removal as well as energy re-balance. The second stage if issues are still present after this clearance, would be a experienced 'Demonologist'. In both cases, it's not going to be cheap. If the Drill Hall is at some point demolished and made a grass field again, not a problem, it's rectified itself. But redeveloping the building without eradicating the activity first, will bring issues until such time it's carried out.

Report completed 12 November 2017.
May 2018
In April 2018, local Police raided the venue following a tip off and found a large cannabis farm as well as an unfortunate Vietnamese man believed to a victim of modern slavery. For more information please click on the links below to read the local newspaper reports.

It also now appears 'the owner' wasn't in fact the owner. Why we were told that by many people including 'the owner who wasn't' remains another mystery.

In September 2020, the building caught fire and damaged. A new planning application is being considered for new apartments at the rear of the building, leaving the frontal area intact. 

As far as we are aware, the activity was never dealt with and remains waiting for whoever decides to live there.

Update 07 February 2021 | The building caught fire again, and this time burned to the ground.

The Drill Hall Winsford case is now closed.