With car parking charges near to city centers and railway stations the costs are high. To save costs people will try to find free car parking and unfortunately for the residents living there it's become a huge problem.

To make their point to the local council, residents have taken it upon themselves to photograph the offending vehicles. This is exactly what a resident did in the local borough of Basildon Essex.

However, on reviewing the footage he found a large black mass in the shadow of a man, at the rear of the car, as this first photo indicates.

Realising he had captured something he took a photo immediately after but on that photo nothing  was there as this second photo shows.
We were able to state the photos we analysed had not been tampered with. We went a stage further an applied a filter that looked and detailed the black area and on this next photo it shows the mass is much bigger than first realised.

What is it? - We have no idea.