The Barry Island Case.

When everything is not Paranormal.
We often work with business's who are experiencing problems and this case was no different. We don't only write report when there has been paranormal activity, there are things to learn from cases which turn out to be nothing like.

We were told that one particular door was closing on it's own despite being wedged open and no matter what is done the door always closes. There were also shadows being seen across the doorway. Here is one such movie sent to us which shows the door closing towards the end.
The staff were now so alarmed that they would not go into the room alone and had started taking movies of the activity. Clearly the business wanting something done.

It didn't take us too long to discover the door wedge was an automated type with a battery. If the fire alarm sounded the unit would pick that up and disengaged the door stopper which closed the door. The battery was replaced and the automated door stopper has behaved itself.

As far as the shadows were concerned, the photos supplied to us showed a number of shadows but these were clearly the shadow of the person taking the photo as well as other items in the room which could be matched up.

Case closed.