It's not uncommon for dogs to react to unseen objects. Some breeds of dog can hear up too 60,00hz, where we humans only up to 20,000hz. Dogs can not see things we can't, they just see them in a different colour or spectrum, so what would you do if your dog starts to bark and bite at what looks like fresh air? Thankfully this guy filmed it.

Taken juts a few weeks ago and it was a case we looked at. The footage was taken at approx 5.50pm, so the room is in daylight. No flash was used on the smart phone that filmed it.

The movie is in three parts. 1. The original footage. 2. Filters applied to the original footage to darken. 3. Same as 2 but slowed down.

What is the dog reacting too? We have been unable to answer that question therefore filed it as 'Unexplained'.