Event Security & CCTV Operator

Steve Thomas

Steve mans the CCTV 'Night Vision' Monitor Station at all investigations as well as dealing with all Security matters at events.

Steve will bring any possible paranormal capture seen to the attention of the other members of the Investigation Team as well as documenting any evidence noted to ensure ease of location later.  Investigations can last for over six hours so if you need to take an unscheduled break your able to join Steve in the CCTV monitor room. On average, over twenty hours of film footage is taken at investigations. Your free to join Steve at any point during investigations.

Steve is a full time Security Officer and his hobbies include motorcycling and owns a Triumph Speed Master sidecar combination and has never lost his love of motorcycles despite the amputation of his right leg following a near fatal motorcycle accident in 1977.

Steve and Investigator Tony grew up together and lived on the same road for more than twenty years and have always retained a long standing friendship.
*On Sunday 08 April 2018 Steve was tragically killed following a motorcycle accident. Steve will remain here as a permanent memorial and in knowledge that although he won't be with us at investigations in body, he will certainly be in spirit.

Steve Thomas 1955 - 2018