In May 2017 a guy and his partner were out walking when they came across a little known under ground stone cave which had only recently been discovered. The guys partner remained outside while he took a look inside. Using his mobile phone he filmed the inside of this cave but on viewing the footage later noticed a white mist object which could not be seen at the time. We were contacted to give an opinion.

There is two movies, both are linked at the bottom of this post. The first is the unedited footage that was taken, towards the end of the movie that you see the mist. The second movie we have sliced just the mist from the footage and then copied and pasted it a number of times, every second movie has been slowed down by 75% and a different filter added each time to try and enhance the mist.

After speaking to the owner of the footage, he tells us he doesn't smoke and no candles were lit. He was not vaporizing either and only he was in the cave at the time.

What we know. The mist appears from the right, stops and then suddenly returns to where it came from. What is it? We have no idea. It's movement is not what you would expect from smoke and breath has also been ruled out as a possible cause.

We use five categories when giving an opinion.

1. Natural and explainable.
2. Unusual.
3. Unexplained.
4. Paranormal.
5. Supernatural.

We have classed this anomaly as 'Unexplained'.