This remarkable footage was taken just a few weeks ago in July 2017 and was posted on our Facebook page.

Here is what Christopher Walker the driver said: 'On my way to work last Saturday 6th I saw a man in a black suit wearing a trilby hat, I had to slow down and move out of his way. When I got home I checked my car cam to find nothing but a shadow in the distance and what looks to be a pair of legs. footage shows wrong time but check on 15:42:50 to the left.'

This movie is in three parts. 1. The original footage 2. Original footage of just the anomaly and 3. Same as 2 but slowed down making it easier for you to view.

So what is it? We have no idea, it does look like a partial manifestation of the bottom part of someones legs. Was someone killed close to this part of the road?. The case remains open.