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Hairdresser Claims Her Mother's Ghost Is Hanging Out at Her Salon.

Grieving hairdresser claims ghost of her dead mum is haunting salon after spotting spooky figure in mirror.

Titanic ghost spotted? Couple ‘photo-bombed' by
supposed captain of ill-fated ship at famous pub.

Two clubbers stunned to discover spooky ‘ghoul’ photo-bombing selfie on night out

They claim to have been joined on the dance-floor by a supernatural being.


Hairdresser Claims Her Mother's Ghost Is Hanging Out at Her Salon.

Radio interview as Tony Hayes of Paranormal Investigation UK condemns

Ghost Hunt at Prison where mass-murderer Fred West was

jailed before he hung himself.


Terrified couple 'photo-bombed by ghost of Titanic's Captain in Historic pub linked to famous ship.

In One Ear: Photo-bombed by a ghost?

Live broadcast movie 28th October 2018 of Tony Hayes and the discussion concerning Halloween and the Paranormal.

Bride says spooky wedding day picture proves
her dead dad was at the big day.

ICE SEA DEAD PEOPLE Couple ‘photo-bombed by
ghost captain of the Titanic’ at famous pub linked
to doomed ship.

Belfast pub couple shocked as they are 'photo-bombed by ghost of Titanic's captain'.

The couple noticed something blurry in the background of their picture - and say they felt something cold on their backs when it was taken.