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Voice Transmissions with the Deceased.

In 1959, Friedrich Jürgenson (1903-1987) discovered a technique that would allow him to record voice from "the other side." This is his story, written in his own words, in 1967.

In 1959, the Swedish painter and film producer Friedrich Jürgenson was recording bird songs. Upon playing the tape later, he heard what he interpreted to be his dead father's voice and then the spirit of his deceased wife calling his name.He went on to make several more recordings, including one that he said contained a message from his late mother.

Darkness Walks: The Shadow People Among Us.

The Shadow People. They lurk in obscurity. Looming human figures, blacker than darkness. Millions across the globe see them. The unfortunate feel their touch. And some awake in horror to their red, unblinking stare. Join Jason Offutt, who has interviewed dozens of eyewitnesses, as he shines some light on the world of the Shadow People, viewing these beings through the lens of science, religion, and metaphysics. Are they ghosts, demons, hallucinations, or something else entirely?