The Cemetery Anomaly - Pakistan
September 2017

The exact location has been omitted for reasons of anonymity.

During a family holiday in Pakistan, a small group of friends after visiting a cemetery, decided to have a group photograph taken by a tree that was known to be over 100 years old.

When the owner reviewed the photos, he was perplexed by a white ball shape that appeared to be sat on the guy in the middle shoulder. We have cropped that area so you're able to see what appears to be a head. After careful analysis, we were able to deduce that the anomaly was in fact behind the tree stump which runs left to right behind the guys. So what is it? Given we knew the location we looked at a possible animal or bird, but we were unable to find anything large enough or close enough in features to stand behind the tree stump and still be seen.

After chatting to the guy we were told the area at the rear is an old cemetery and the tree was over 100 years old. The locals do not venture there at night, mostly due to myth and superstition. We have also attached the photos taken just before and after and nothing was on them.

 The facial features of this anomaly are strikingly familiar to a photograph taken at a Doncaster UK church some months ago. .

We are unable to provide an explanation, therefore, have titled this anomaly as UNEXPLAINED.