Northwich Infirmary

Northwich, Cheshire, England.

The Haunting of the Northwich Victoria Infirmary.

Victoria Infirmary is a small hospital located in the town of Northwich, Cheshire, England. It is managed by the Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

It opened in 1887 and has remained open as a working hospital.

Reports of manifestations have continued for decades with the latest from just a few months ago in August 2019.

A member of staff spotted two children, a girl and a boy, dressed in 1940s clothing, which remained visible for some minutes. The vision was so clear the staff member could tell what sex they were, they were also in semi-full colour.

They appeared to be looking out of a corridor window, murmuring together, although no sound could be heard.

The staff member watched them for some minutes and in broad daylight, from about two metres away, until they suddenly vanished.

Little doubt this is a residual haunting rather than spirits. Full body manifestations, more than one entity, in colour, and they remained for some minutes, confirms its a haunting.

The staff member was concerned enough to report the incident to senior management.

The infirmary has been the main Hospital in Northwich for well over a century and rumours have circulated for years about paranormal activity.