Investigation Maine USA - Haunted Phone.

This sort of event is fast becoming increasingly common, and this case involved a few young people who decided to experiment with that dreaded device, the Ouija board. Too many people are saying they are not dangerous, maybe, however - put it one the hands of a child or someone who does not understand how it operates then serious, and often life changing events can occur. I have decided to list a number of these investigations as a warning to people not to get involved with these devices and if someone at a party decides to bring one out for a bit of fun, walk away and go home. When a high street brand like 'Toys R US' sell these as toys it's both shameful and crazy.

With this first case, the young people made a Ouija board. One of those present did have some mental health issues and was not taking his medication. The young folk did a bit of home work with a web site dedicated to the devil, and you have guessed it, a major problem was waiting to happen.

Within a few minutes they ended the session, or they thought they had. Moments later, music could be heard coming from a mobile phone, not a problem you might think, but this mobile phone was turned off due to a flat battery. Two interesting things happened, a male picked the phone up and he heard music, he then passed the phone to a female but she heard someone talking directly to her and making direct threats, and all this while the phone was turned off.

I became involved to try and explain why and how a Samsung Galaxy that was turned off somehow managed to emit sounds from it's internal speaker and to see if 'EVP UK' could explain it. The short answer is there is no rational explanation why this would or could occur. However, given the circumstances that happened before the phone made sounds as noted above, it can not be ruled out that an entity attempted communication and that communication changed depending on who had the phone to their ear.

The people involved were clearly spooked by the experience and each of the stories did match up. Both the Ouija board and the mobile phone were destroyed, and as I write, no further issues have occurred but the case remains as unexplained and ongoing.