Investigators - Know your Equipment.
The equipment you use is only as good as the operator that uses them. Here we take a look at the popular types of equipment that is in every Investigator's tool box.

Know Your Temperature Meter.

A HAND HELD DIGITAL THERMOMETER is very useful to take readings from areas of the room without leaving your seat. Constant readings from different room areas allows you to investigate places which suddenly appear cold.

We bought one such device from eBay for just £15.00 and it works well. It uses a laser pointer for up to 30 metres away to record temperature readings at a given point. However, you need to remember that the red laser pointer will read the area your pointing at, so if you point it towards the floor then the temperature of the floor you will get, and a floor is always going to show a lower reading than the rest of the room. We advise that you only use the laser pointer on a difficult to get too area. Most, if not all, digital hand held devices have an option to turn the laser pointer on and off.

The need to have one with you at all times is obvious. There is plenty of evidence that states when paranormal activity is taking place, a spirit being present for example, the area of interest will show a marked difference in temperature.

I have tried three identical temperature gauges out together and found each one gave a slightly different reading. This is not a big problem as it's the difference in temperature of the interested area compared to the rest of the room that is important.

Again, always ensure the battery fitted is on good order.

Many think that the temperature is always lower when spirits are about, this is not the case, and investigators have also reported a rise in temperature compared to the rest of the room. Again, care should be taken if your using the laser pointer, if your pointing it towards a recently used kettle, I can assure you the temperature will be higher!

Have a note pad with you and always make notes of the readings as you investigate.

Things to watch out for are windows and doors open or part open.

Some devices such as the Mel EMF Meter have a temperature gauge built in, but having two devices to record temperatures is no bad thing.