Investigators - Know your Equipment.
The equipment you use is only as good as the operator that uses them. Here we take a look at the popular types of equipment that is in every Investigator's tool box.

Know your EMF Meters.
EMF meters are part of ever Investigators tool box.

With a large range of EMF meters available, and most doing a great job, you need to be aware of what triggers them to ensure you eliminate false alarms. We use a number of different types of meters that cover the majority of frequencies of EMF.

The first tip is to always ensure you use fresh batteries.

Different EMF meters perform differently, some of lower priced meters often use to 60 to 20,000hz frequency range which is why a high number can give you false alarms or spikes. The Mel Meter is considered the industry standard and only registers the lower 30 to 300hz frequency. Nothing stops you, like we do at PI UK is to use a number of different meters at the same time.

How well do you know the equipment you use for paranormal investigations? Here is a closer look at some of the more popular EMF meters and related devices being used in the field, as well as a demonstration of some things that can give you false readings.