Investigation HILL 62 - Sanctuary Wood Belgium - Complete equipment failure.

This strange event occurred on a investigation at Hill 62 in Belgium. The hill is a first world war fortified bunker position on the British lines for the Third Battle of Ypres (known as the Battle of Passchendaele). Thousands of soldiers from both sides died here. When we first arrived in the area the weather was very warm and my colleague and myself were wearing just t shirts. When we first stepped into the area known as Sanctuary Wood, we both felt cold, it was a strange place but both of us knew the history of this preserved site which could explain our unease. Also noted, there were no birds and nothing grew in this area, it was just soil, nothing else.

After a few minutes we were both ready to investigate when my colleague said all his equipment had failed and would not function. This was not an issue so I took the spare equipment over. Problem was, they also failed and would not even turn on and despite numerous attempts we could not get any of the equipment to function with the exception of my own small digital camera. With no equipment working it was job stopped, so we returned to the car and the moment we left the wooded area ALL the equipment started to work again. We both felt very uneasy with the whole place so we left to investigate elsewhere. Throughout the rest of the week we never once had equipment problems again. With so many devices failing to work was unusual and it remains unexplained.