The Haunting of 15 - 17 High Street, Northwich Cheshire England.

The earliest photo of the building was taken in the early 1900s when two shops then existed. The shop we are interested in at the moment is to the right - 'Barlow's Butchers'.

The building is clearly sinking, not unusual for Northwich due to local mining subsidence. In 2019, when we first visited the building, a large part of an old wall, now a kitchen area for the latest business, The Stateside Bar, now gone out of business, the wall is clearly Georgian, circa 1714 to 1830.

We can presume therefore the building was 'lifted' to correct the subsidence, a common procedure in Northwich, it was never knocked down. Certainly, the cellar area is also intact and from the same period.

The strange death:

In 1919, documented evidence shows a female, working at the rear of the building died. The explanation given was staff heard a woman screaming, and going into the rear area found her bleeding heavily from a knife wound to her thigh, the main artery had been cut, and she bled to death a short while later. It was presumed the female was cutting meat and somehow managed to cut her own artery in her thigh, how a trained Butcher was able to accidentally stab herself in the thigh and sever the main artery, has never been explained. However, the inquest held at Northwich Police Station also couldn't find a satisfactory explanation, and in many ways, the case remains open.

At some point, the two buildings became one. And a high number of bars, restaurants and cafe's have come and gone over the decades, and all failing financially. Locals may well remember Lee's Garden, Zitano's, Cheshire Bar & Grill, Tiano's, Vita Bella, and more lately Stateside, a long list. The building has also been subject to what is believed to be two arson attacks, the building just burning down, and twice.

Indeed, a previous owner told us; that she believed the building to be cursed 'with nothing going right from the moment we took it on'.

Curses and sick buildings are impossible to prove from a paranormal perspective, and yes 15 - 17 High Street seems to have had more than it's fair share of very bad luck. But is there any activity that suggests something paranormal is going on to support that theory? The answer is a very big yes.

Activity reports that have been documented after speaking to staff separately as follows:

1. High-level phenomena and similar to Poltergeist activity; the movement of items in all areas, including heavy objects - kitchen pans, full bottles of alcohol including crates, tables and chairs.

2. Staff tapped and prodded, both male and female.

3. Loud raps and bangs from upstairs when no one is up there.

4. Staff are reporting seeing black shadows 'dashing' about the building.

5. Sudden ice-cold blasts of air coming from 'nowhere'.

6. Staff reporting 'an oppressive feeling' and a feeling of being watched.

7. Staff now dislike, and some refusing, to go alone into certain areas.

We had set a date to investigate this building and help eradicate whatever was causing the more recent issues, however, bad luck once again intervened, and the business closed its doors a few weeks before our arrival. Another one bites the dust.

Reasons why this building is so active?

Many Spiritualists feel that the location of a river can be a reason for darker activity occurring, indeed the River Weaver flows just a few feet away.

'Holes in the ground' are again typical of buildings that have more than average reports of dark activity occurring, like for like - the building is almost displaying the same type of phenomena as 'Bobby Mackey's Music World' in the USA, one of the few places the 'Ghost Adventure's team visited twice.

And from us, as researchers in spontaneous phenomena, we know major refurbishment, something that has occurred many times with the various businesses there, can also act as 'triggers' for sudden activity. And of course, the residual energy of past trauma, something the building has in abundance. So in this building, there may be more than one reason.

Is the building therefore cursed?

Well, as a science-based research unit, we can't answer that question. But we can confirm that 15 - 17 High Street Northwich does have something going on. We wait on the next business to arrive and see if we can finally get to grips with a building we have been trying to get into for years, and hopefully, before that new business also fails.

The case file of the haunting of 15 - 17 High Street Northwich is very much still open.