The Greyhound Inn Saughall Cheshire. The Greyhound has history from the fourteenth century. It is home to some brutal with saucy apparitions. There is one impudent nebulous vision. He is a phantom. He has overwhelming whiskers, long dark layer, waistcoat, and a watch-chain. He turns up on events behind the bar. One cleaner, who was there when he showed, yelled, 'Tidy up, you saucy bugger'. She said he smiled with then vanished. Somebody has physically pushed different cleaners while they are working. They have said the shoulders with snatch them shaken energetically. One night in the wake of shutting, three parts of staff heard somebody revamping furniture in the parlor. When they researched, they found that bar stools, which had been stacked, were lying on the floor. A heavenly investigative group analysed the pub apparitions a few years prior. Amid a séance, they reached four apparitions; a young girl called Aimee with three men, Robert, Andrew, and James. They called for a sign that they were apparitions. They heard the sound of something tumbling off the divider in an alternate bar. This was a well- settled notice board stating that it is illicit for youngsters to remain at the bar.
Alderley Edge Cheshire. There is little doubt that Alderley Edge is a mysterious place. Many stories and myths exist from ghosts to Merlin and King Arthur. Here you will find a witch's tree, stone circles, hermits cave, bronze age mines and roman remains, a fact is in the 1980's over 600 roman coins were found within a cave, and the mysteries continue. Here are just a few of the documented hauntings and myths known to have taken place there:
Legend has it that if one runs around the cave known locally as 'Devil's Grave' widdershins three times, the Devil is raised!
Another place in the UK where King Arthur lies in wait for when he is required once more.
Several witnesses have reported seeing a short old man, with a long white beard, running around naked in this area. Apparently, the figure was once approached by a police officer, only to vanish into thin air.
No buildings exist at the Edge, but it would make a great place for an outside investigation. Avoid full moons and Halloween, the place is full of witch's and druids, this is not a myth, I have seen it with my own eyes!.
Stanley Place Chester. Stanley Palace is a 16th Century Grade II listed building located in the heart of Chester. Formerly called Derby House, it stands on, or near, the site previously occupied by the Dominican Friars (The 'Black Friars') in medieval times.
A number of ghosts are said to reside at the building, including Elizabeth Warburton, a former owner who has been spotted walking through a wall, and a man in Tudor clothing. Other entities observed consist of a Second World War Officer and a grey haired woman sitting by the piano, while bangs, children crying and disembodied footsteps have been heard. Highly active.


Churche’s Mansion Nantwich stands at the point where Hospital Street meets the town’s London Road.

It was built as a house by local merchant Richard Churche in 1577 and over the centuries has been used for a variety of purposes, including a cow-keeper’s store.

There is no way of knowing when the first ghost moved in, but Churche’s Mansion was certainly haunted during the last 30 years of the 20th century when it was adapted for use as a restaurant.

Cutlery moved, crockery fell off tables and on to the floor, and lights were switched on and off – all without any sort of human intervention. And then there were the apparitions.

On one occasion during a wedding reception, two bridesmaids who were climbing the stairs passed two girls who were dressed in a manner which made them think they were also bridesmaids but from another wedding. When they returned to the ground floor they looked about, but they could see no sign of the other girls or any evidence of another wedding party.

They mentioned their observations to the bride, who asked the proprietor whether another wedding party would be sharing the restaurant with her own.

He assured her that no such booking had been made. When told of the mysterious girls on the stairs he said, ‘they must have been a couple of our ghosts’.

In 2001 the restaurant was closed, and in the following year the building changed hands. The new owner, Sandy Summers, is a psychic and an angel therapist.

Even before she took possession of the building Ms Summers established there were three ghosts in residence; a civil war cavalier, a girl from the following century, and William Churche, father of the man who built Churche’s Mansion.

As a trained psychic, Ms Summers helped the cavalier and the girl over to the other side, but William Churche’s ghost chose to stay. He is still there, and Ms Summers often has long conversations with him. However, she has yet to see him.