Little Moreton Hall Congleton Cheshire. This timber framed moated manor house was built in 1504 and is a true Tudor manor house.

During the last major restoration work, 18 "assorted boots and shoes" were found hidden in the structure of the building, all dating from the 19th century. Concealed shoes were placed either to ward off demons, ghosts or witches, or to encourage the fertility of the female occupants. Like many old buildings, Little Moreton Hall has stories of ghosts; a grey lady is said to haunt the Long Gallery, and a child has reportedly been heard sobbing in and around the Chapel.

A thirteen year old girl reported seeing a face appear in the fireplace here which gave her 'disapproving' looks.

Lyceum Theatre Crewe Cheshire. The stage door is reputedly haunted by an actor who was murdered by a jealous thespian, while a ballet dancer who killed herself can sometimes be seen dancing on stage. She was last observed in a full white period dress, and is said to leave a lingering smell of perfume. An unknown actor, dancer seen was seen 01 October 2010 before disappearing into thin air. Paranormal Investigations do take place here.

Marbury Hall near Northwich Cheshire. There have been a number of manor buildings on the site going back to the 13th century. However, it's the events that occurred from the latter part of the 17th century that has given Marbury it's folklore. The most common story and of course sightings is that of the ghost female known as the 'Marbury Lady' but there are other ghost stories as well including a race horse named 'Marbury Dunne' and a horse and carriage when following an accident a coachman was indeed killed. Sightings and sounds have been heard at the location for many years and even the Sun newspaper in the early 1980's ran a story concerning a local motorist driving through the dip in the road was confronted with a while lady in his headlamps. Sadly the last house was pulled down in the 1968 but the site of the original building is now a community park and the sighting do continue. This would make a great location for a night outside investigation.

There is a book available written by two local Mediums, one being Jackie Dennison, to purchase that concentrates the story on these events and more.

The Roebuck Inn Northwich Cheshire.
Medieval history contains many stories of human beings making pacts with the devil for many riches in return for their soul. This is a modern day version of such an arrangement. The joint licensees of the Roebuck lost custom with staff through poltergeist activities. There is the appearance of a ghostly woman in the pub. The proprietor invited psychic mediums to investigate. This team reported that this was the ghost of Hannah Latham. She explained she had been part owner of the Roebuck in the mid-1800s when it had been a prosperous business. She threatened that her ghost will keep returning to make sure it is being properly run. Hannah agreed she had been responsible for the poltergeist activities of throwing pictures around, taking down stacked chairs. Through the mediums, she was advised that her presence was ruining their trade. Customers would leave in droves. Hannah agreed to reduce her paranormal behaviour. However, maintain a watchful eye from a distance, but only up to a point, as of 2016 paranormal events still occur.
Thorntons Chester Cheshire England

A jilted bride named Sarah hung herself in this building. She would throw objects around and give guests and staff the sense of being watched. However, activity here might have stopped after one psychic has claimed to have crossed Sarah into the afterlife to be reunited with her lover, but a documentary by Richard Felix titled 'Cheshire Ghosts' where members of staff were interviewed suggests otherwise and they say paranormal activity still takes place with many staff refusing to go into the top rooms on their own..
The Oak Hotel Kelsall Cheshire. Once called the Royal Oak, The Oak is an externally beamed pub in the style of the 1920s pub architecture. An investigative psychic group visited The Oak on two occasions he found three resident ghosts. Two of them are mother with daughter, Annabel with her daughter Jane. Annabel maintained that at one time she had owned several dogs. They had been hanged as a witch by the villagers. The third reports revealed as a male ghost, Robert Jameson, who had been a proprietor here in the early 1900s. Observers describe Jameson as a gaunt faced man. He manifests standing near the bar. There has also been some poltergeist activity with locked windows being opened with stacked bar stools taken down.