The Pied Bull Chester Cheshire is a historic hotel in Chester which dates all the way back to the 11th century. It is believed to be the oldest continuously licensed premises in town. It seems only natural then, that it is also one of the most haunted places in Cheshire. The cellar is a focal point for the haunting, so much so that the staff do not like to go downstairs on their own! The story goes that a man named John Davies fell down the stairs of the cellar in 1609 while holding a knife and tragically died as a result of the accident. It is thought to be his ghost that still haunts the cellar. There are also said to be the spirits of former chambermaids present in the upstairs bedrooms as well!

Shrigley Hall Hotel Macclesfield Cheshire. Shrigley Hall Hotel is a beautiful manor set in the picturesque Cheshire countryside. However, it is not the luxury features that attract many visitors, but rather the resident ghost who call the building home! There is not too much information out there about the ghosts other than a handful of reports from guests and it is not known who the spirits might be. Reports from guests mention a spirit walking into the bathroom, unexplained noises and cold spots. Noted mediums have visited the building and said that it is very active, which is probably why there are regular ghost hunts in the property.

Vale Royal Abbey near Northwich Cheshire is haunted by the ghost of Ida Goodman, a nun said to have been buried under the abbey's high altar after having tended to the needs of a sickly abbot.

In recent years her shadowy face, surrounded by dark hair or a cowl, has been sighted at a window of the lavishly refurbished Great House. The Abbey is now a golf club.

Nils Elrin, spokesman for the golf club, said: "The building is old and steeped in history and there have been unusual events, including sightings of Ida.

"Our club house stands on the site of an ancient monument and so there are many stories if you delve into the past."

Vale Royal Abbey was founded in 1283 and was larger than Westminster Abbey.

It was pulled down in the 16th century and the stones and timber from the abbey were used to create the existing Great House.

Blakemere Craft Centre Northwich Cheshire.

Staff at Blakemere Craft Centre decided to call in a spiritualist medium to get to the bottom of supernatural activity.

Penny Barber, who is a spirit rescue, was asked to investigate part of the old courtyard area called The Gallery, after people working in the shops heard strange noises.

Ginny Brookes, from the craft centre, said: "Over the past few years there have been several reports of unusual noises such as banging sounds and unexplained noises in the stairwell.

"Some people have heard the sound of horses on the cobbles when there was nothing there and there has been a sighting of a man in a top hat walking past one of the windows.

Although the only investigation was the visit of a Physic Medium, Blakemere has never had a full scientific investigation. It seems to have all the ingredients for a haunted venue.

The Plaza Northwich Cheshire.  Built in 1928, it closed as a cinema in the 1960s and became a bingo hall. The Plaza finally closed its doors in 2011. Visitors are restricted to foyer and bar area but there is a fine view of the ornate auditorium and stage.

Our own Investigator Tony attended an investigation at The Plaza and experienced for himself a number of activities including a Class A EVP of loud moaning and the recording device being struck by unseen hands in the cellar. Later, and during the early hours the stage area, which had been noted as a place of activity, huge drops in the temperature were recorded, at one point it was colder than the cellar underneath it. Also in the same small area his EMF meter went into the red which indicted a reading of more than 20 Milli Gauss, something he had not seen before or since. After approx 20 minutes the area readings showed normal.  His belief was he had found a Vortex, made more obvious because the stage area was full of junk yet the area of the reading a 4 foot circle of nothing stuck out, almost as if the area had been cleared of any debris. Tony regrets not taking with him other equipment but The Plaza would be an ideal place to do a full investigation. Read his report and listen to his recordings HERE