Hartford Hall Hotel near Northwich Cheshire dates back to the 17th century and has formerly served as a nunnery and a manor house. It is also said to be haunted! Guests and staff have reported seeing the ghost of a nun. She is supposed to have been killed when she was bricked into a wall at a nearby abbey. The nun is held responsible for all sorts of unexplained happenings around the Hartford Hall Hotel.
Tatton Park Knutsford Cheshire. The Mansion is a beautiful Grade 1 listed country house that is currently run by the National Trust. Originally, Tatton Old Hall was the original manor in Tatton Park, but the much grander Tatton Park Mansion was built in 1716 to replace it. The new building is said to be haunted and visitors often report being touched by invisible hands and hearing phantom footsteps. There have also been reports of a dark ghostly figure in not only the house, but also the gardens.
The George and The Dragon Chester Cheshire. It is no surprise that The George and The Dragon hotel is haunted, when you consider the fact that it sits just outside of the notorious Northgate Arch which is also known for its paranormal activity! The George and The Dragon is a stunning Victorian building that occupies ground that straddles the old Roman Road. That is likely why it is said to be haunted by the spirits of Roman Soldiers. Roman military law meant that legionaries were not allowed to be buried inside the fortress, so memorials instead lined the road. These have been moved to Chester’s Grosvenor Museum, but it seems that the spirits of those soldiers have remained! Staff and customers at The George and The Dragon have reported hearing marching feet beneath the floors following the same route that the Roman Road would have taken. The noise is loudest in the cellars which are closer to where the original level of the road would have been, since the current road is several feet higher.
Hack Green Nantwich Cheshire.

Nuclear bunkers can be pretty creepy at the best of times, never mind when there are some residents spooks hanging around! Hack Green Nuclear Bunker has actually been featured on television series ‘Most Haunted’ on two separate occasions thanks to the high volume of paranormal activity! The secret bunker was opened to the general public in 1998 to serve as a museum and since then both staff and visitors alike have experienced a range of strange happenings. These include a full apparition of a man dressed in uniform walking down the bunker’s main corridor. There have also been two other apparitions reported in the same corridor and staff say that there is a very menacing feel to the area. Several visitors have fainted in this area as a result of the negative energy!

The corridor it certainly not the only part of the bunker that plays hosts to some Cheshire ghosts! Down in Room 9, which is a telecommunications area, the spirit of an attractive young woman is often spotted working away at her desk. There is also a male spirit in the room who will often behave quite aggressively towards visitors. It is also fairly common for the old phones in the area to ring despite having been disconnected many years ago!  However, perhaps the most active area of the bunker is the theatre. Here visitors often feel themselves being touched or pushed by unseen hands and they hear moans and unexplained banging. Visitors sometimes feel unwell and on at least one occasion, an ambulance actually had to be called for a guest who was severely affected!

Our investigator Tony was present at an investigation and did receive some activity, a photo, although not great quality, of what looked like an old civil war solider. No EVP's or any other activity. In his own words: "Given the venue had been investigated to death, no good evidence had ever been recorded. Despite what the owners say about the place being sat on a civil war camp, there is no evidence that suggests that is fact. I spent six hours there, took hundred of photos, 20 hours of CCTV and hours of sound recordings, all I got was one very suspect photo. I am far from convinced the bunker is a hot bed like many say it is".