Investigation 27th July 2017.

With the full investigation team we were able to set up a three camera night vision CCTV, Kinetic Tracker, Alice ITC, Rem Pod as well as EVP and Spirit Box sessions. Laura Bailey would be conducting a controlled séance while we investigated.

We were still setting up the CCTV when the tracking systems mapped an entity. The system was working fine and was tracking humans as they walked past. But within 20 minutes it had picked up an entity which appeared to be standing on the stair-rail as well as Investigator Amanda Griffiths who was at the bottom of the stairs. Andy Draper was quick to realise the importance and recorded in detail this dramatic footage.

This Kinetic tracking picked this entity up at exactly the same point that we received evidence two nights previously. The entity appears to be stood on the rail, partly in the wall but mostly within the stairwell area. The long arm was also a puzzle.

Tony Hayes, who was at the location two days earlier, can be seen moving down the stairs with another Mel Meter where readings of EMF 1.6mg were indicated and a temperature of 2.5 degrees lower than the rest of the area.

The entity appears to hold it's arm out as Tony approaches, touching the Mel Meter which explains the reading being received. It also appears to be intelligent and interacting. The area was colder and was noticeable on touch. Once Amanda Griffiths placed her hand on the entity, it disappeared and never returned, we remained at this location for a further four hours.

What was this capture?. We have captured kinetic tracked entities before. But this capture was different, in particular it was stood on the stair rail, therefore in the air and had a long arm. The device also tracked the Investigator as well as the entity, which rules out any malfunction including software.

There was nothing else present which could be mapped as a human form, for example a plant, the area was just a flat wall. Given the nature of all the gathered evidence so far, we have leaned towards the idea of a spirit portal or vortex (gateway). This is supported by the sheer amount of evidence and the large area of the EMF. We have advised that attempts are made to close down this portal as soon as possible (Heal & Seal). Open portals (gateways) can allow not so pleasant spirits to arrive on your doorstep as well as positive ones. There is also suggestions that these portals are guarded by 'Gate Keepers' which try and only allow positive spirits through. Could this be what we captured?.

A further twist is the fact the family have a long tradition of Masonic involvement. This highly advanced society of chosen members, has strong Christian beliefs and many of their beliefs actually cover spiritual doorways and portals. They believe for example in a 'Superior Being'.

For such a small area, the amount of quality evidence was remarkable.


On reviewing the CCTV a few days later we found another unusual event on the Kinetic Tracker. On the right screen which monitors environment changes, there is a blue mass to the bottom of the stairwell which we can not explain other than suggest this is some form of energy cluster. It showed up on many of the movies we took that night.

Laura Bailey (Spirit Medium) will continue to monitor and help any trapped spirits that may be currently present or arrive later.

Equipment used at different periods from 20.30 to 00.00:
Kinetic Tracking System.
REM Pod.
Mel Meter with temp, shadow and EMF options all used.
Alice ITC software.
Laser grid.

This case remains open.