25th July 2017

We were asked to attend an emergency investigation at a business premises in the pretty village of Frodsham Cheshire UK. Due to the short notice only Tony Hayes was available.

The activity being reported was strange. A picture flying off the wall was one example of the bizarre report. Also a small area around a soft was said to be unwelcoming to anyone who sat on it. The activity had only started some two months before. The property was a business premises, a hairdressers.

The request came from local Medium Laura Bailey. Someone I had worked with a number of times.

I duly arrived, and given I had been in some very dark places before, I expected some feeling of dread, but it was nothing of the sort, it felt OK. Charlotte Hale, the business owner, was there to greet us. Charlotte is a well grounded and jovial person, not the sort of person that you would say was a drama queen. The location was a large hairdressers and attached to this building was a separate building that housed a music practice room. At the end of the hairdressers there was a loo to to the left and to the right a small kitchen.

I spend approx 20 minutes asking Charlotte about the activity as well as noting two areas of possible concern. 1. The area was full of vintage and old pictures and bits, as well as record players and a very old cash till. Could something new have been brought into the property which triggered the activity?. I was assured that was not the case. And 2. Being a hairdressers the area was full of mirrors. I carefully looked for mirrors placed directly facing each other, but no, all was good. Mirrors facing each other in premises have brought some paranormal activity. But the place was clear.

For whatever reason, I then felt drawn to the kitchen and in particular a door. I was informed this led to a fire escape and a set of stairs. The moment the door was opened I felt the change in energy, not negative in a dark sense but not positive either. Laura Bailey joined me and she felt the same.

What we decided was for Laura to continue her spiritual investigations inside the main building while I set some equipment up around the staircase, I considered it then and I still do, the activity may well manifest in the main building but the epicentre is the stairwell. The intention was to see if any evidence could be found.

Due to lack of man power I was limited to what I could use, so I decided on the following:

Rem Pod (movement and EMF detector)

Mel Meter SSID (EMF and temperature deviation.

Full spectrum camera including movie.


With the lights turned off and relying on the full spectrum camera to see, I started to take some base line readings. The Rem Pod was left in the middle of the staircase, sixth step from the bottom.

I was at the bottom of the stairs for no more than a few minutes when the Rem Pod alarmed. This unit had a fresh battery and had never alarmed before. I had tested it for movement and it was working fine. I then filmed the stairwell with the full spectrum camera. You have see and hear the Rem Pod, also at the top of the stairs the camera struggled to get a focus, on viewing later there is a mist at the top of stairs which the camera was struggling to focus on.

You will see this yourself on the movie below. It looks very different to the photo that was taken shortly before.

I then used the Mel Meter and that gave a high reading of 1.4mg. This was approx five feet away from the Rem Pod that was still alarming. The Rem Pod's job is to alarm if something passed across it or close to it. Several minutes the alarm was sounding, which indicates that whatever had set off the alarm was still on top of it. It had not passed it.

Please watch the movie below to see this section of evidence.

There appeared to be no temperature change.

I then decided to bring out 'ALICE' the under development software to see if any relevant words were produced. This next movie shows this in action. Also at this stage my hair was touched, not pulled, but a gentle touch. This is indicated on the movie. Any words produced by Alice will only ever be relevant to Charlotte.

Laura Bailey had picked up on two spirits. We were not aware at this point that the property was in the past owned and used by one of Frodsham oldest families, the Hale's. The father and grand father of Charlotte.

The session was ended but arrangements made to return but this time with the full Paranormal Investigation UK team.