Important notes: Please use the links for files and download the file for reviewing. Permission has been sort for sharing within the Paranormal field. Please use a computer to view.

Situation: During a normal family gathering on the 03 April 2011 the Client known as Jenny, took a normal family movie and on immediate review noted two unusual events. 1. A male voice not present speaking, and 2. A light anomaly or orb moving left to right.

Data supplied: A 3GP movie of 0.33 seconds taken on a Samsung S3 Galaxy. The encrypted time stamp within the properties indicates: “2011-04-03” so the movie has not been manipulated and is considered raw.

Persons present: Two adult males, the client Jenny, a further female and the clients son who was aged two at that time.

EMF and location surroundings: The postcode used was B97 4JF.

Link to mobile phone masts at location:


The issue with the phone mast location data, is that the movie was recorded some six years ago, therefore information has to be regarded as unreliable owing to the time delay.

Movie File Supplied: This is the original raw file:



I have split the report into two areas:

1. The EVP and 2. The Light Anomaly.

  1. The possible EVP.

On viewing the original movie, timed at 8 seconds, a male voice is clearly heard. The voice is loud therefore close to the microphone.

The full audio has been extracted and saved as an mp3 at bit rate 320 kbps and in real time, the time of the possible EVP remains the same at 8 seconds, it has not been enhanced in any way:


This next sound file is the possible EVP plus a male speaking just before this EVP, saying 'plural'. I have left this other voice for comparison reasons. This short sample is repeated several times:


PLEASE NOTE: The above sample has been subjected to EQ extraction and slowed down by 100%. The process is shown here when I recorded via a screen shot movie.


I removed the frequencies 20 to 250 HZ and 2K to 20K HZ leaving just the vocal bands intact and the process can be seen on the above movie.

The other voices can be heard and more importantly seen via the spectrum analyser on the movie. The peaks are clear when any voice or sound is heard, however, there is no indication on the spectrum when the possible EVP is spoken, there is no increase in gain. It is the accepted view that a genuine EVP, despite being within the human speech frequencies and can be heard, shows little or zero gain signal.

This EVP sample shows clear evidence it is not a signal that can be defined as a frequency which you would register with a human voice when using a spectrum analyser.

This EVP sample can be heard but it can not be seen within a spectrum analyser.

In principle, the voice heard should not be there, but we know it's there because we can hear it.

The other question is; what does the voice say? The general opinion is the words being spoken are 'God Damn' or something very similar. The voice was placed in 'Voice Note 2' and the result was negative.

The voice can be considered as a Class A/B, the only negative are the words spoken are not clearly defined although the voice is sharp and male sounding. The power of the voice is strong enough to suggest the voice was very close to the microphone and within 12 inches, but no closer as zero microphone pop was evident.

What makes this EVP more fascinating is the fact it includes the entrance and exit of two light anomalies and from the same area, very close to the mobile phone being used.

  1. The ORB.

There are two orbs on the movie. The brighter of the two has been screen shot and can also be downloaded from this link:


Without question, this is not dust, it is some form of energy. 99% of orbs are dust or insects, which leaves a small number of orbs that do fit the mould of a genuine spirit orb. When you add that to the EVP, you have a clear indication of something paranormal.

There is some evidence that suggests the colour of the orb is relative to it's source, either white (good) or dark (bad).

This spiritual side of the event is best left to a Medium to consider, I may add the thoughts of Tracy Kay to an updated version of this report once she has had the opportunity to read it.

This link to the EVP UK site gives more information with regard to colour and worth reading to satisfy the belief that this orb is anything but dark in nature.

There is some possibility that the colour is blue due to the mobile phone light being emitted:

For more information on light anomalies and orbs visit this link:


Blue is spiritually associated with psychic energy and truth. It is a very calming color, and many people associate it with spiritual guidance. Some people feel blue orbs are a sign of a calming presence or energy while others feel they indicate the presence of a spirit guide in that location.

Rotated Movie: This is just the original movie rotated which makes viewing the location easier to understand.


Slowed down movie: There is no sound with this movie due to the process of slowing it down. However, using the normal speed original movie will show that the EVP is heard in-between the two light anomalies. The intention here was to view the full movie to get a clear picture of the the two orbs.


Please note due to slowing the movie down the file is going to be longer, for ease of viewing I have noted these two key areas.

Orb one moves from bottom to top at 00.55 and at 00.56 the orb has grown in size and appears to run up the trouser leg of the male sat down holding the child. It's shape is now oblong and using the guys leg as a guide, is approx 4 inches wide by 12 inches long.

Use 'pause' on your media player to stop and view.

At 02.09 the second orb comes from left to right before disappearing to the bottom of the screen, approx the same area where Orb One arrived from.

To assist research further, I have also saved the slowed down movie in black and white, the orbs can be seen clearly. I have not seen any other activity, however, If you do see something not seen on the colour movie version please advise: admin@paranormalinvestigationuk.com



The two light anomalies in the movie are not light reflections or dust orbs. The size is not a constant either, giving the appearance of growing in size and shape as well as pulsing.

The colour is the most interesting. The first consideration I made was the colour of the mobile phone flash being used caused the blue tint, and the orb which would normally be white in colour, reflecting back as blue. But there are problems with that theory. Blue is it's own basic colour, you cannot obtain it from using other colours. If the blue was caused by the mobile phone camera, you would also expect other items in the room to show the same colour trace, but they don't. The blue colour is therefore coming from within the orb and similar, and as an example would be; looking at the sky and seeing blue, this is caused by the sun reflecting light through the atmosphere and this blue coloured energy is down to diffuse sky radiation.

The internet is full of thousands images of dust orbs, and one thing they have in common is the circular shape, also the colour is always a constant but the size does vary. When you magnify the light anomaly from the movie the result is even more convincing as noted in the following photo:

When you look at the direction of travel of both of the light anomalies in the movie, they have differing directions of travel, but both travel and finish at the same point which suggests some intelligence. The spiritual theory behind this sort of light anomaly is that the light being emitted is energy and is the first sign of a spirit manifestation. In most of the manifestation captures to date, the evidence has been captured with either infra red or ultra violet light and normally by a paranormal investigation group and the majority being still photographs. It is rare to find a colour movie that was taken within a normal environment.

As far as the EVP is concerned, we have two words not a single word. On it's own you would have to consider the EVP as residual, words being replayed back from another time, like a tape recorder. The movie clearly shows two light anomalies as well as the EVP and from the same area and from a short time scale. So you have little choice but to record the event as a single event, not two or three events.

When you add these light anomalies to the captured EVP within the same time frame and using the 'three strikes rule', then the whole activity can be regarded as a genuine paranormal event.

The client no longer lives or visits the property so further evidence capture at the location is unlikely.