Why Choose 'Paranormal Investigation UK' for your Investigation ?
Paranormal Investigations UK are Investigators, we are not Ghost Hunters. Attending events can be expensive and it's common for couples to book, so it's already become very expensive. In the UK there are a high number of Paranormal Groups advertising their events so it can be difficult to choose the right one. Over 90% of our work is private but during the year we do hold a limited number of public investigations.

A consideration is of course the location, no one wants to travel too far which may involve staying overnight, however we have found if a quality event is held people are willing to pay to attend it. The venue is also important, we do research venues carefully to ensure the venue is firstly safe, good access and with a high chance of a positive event being held. Avoid ghost hunt venues that could be considered controversial and recently abandoned such as Hospitals, Prisons and Mental Health institutions. 
As a group devoted to the research of the Paranormal, we have attended as a 'customer' paranormal investigations that have not been an investigation but more of a 'Physic Fair', there is nothing wrong with that and we don't find issue with events that use activities such as table tipping, mirror tricks and dowsing, but we do find issue when the event is advertised as a 'Paranormal Investigation'.

The other main complaint made by many customers is poor equipment stock. You can't expect to engage your customers when you can count your equipment stock on one hand. We strongly advise you avoid groups that openly use Spirit Boards.

All our events are based on investigation and are structured to do exactly that. The only spiritual activity we hold is a seance and for good reason, the sheer amount of excellent evidence we get from them. We always have a Medium present at all events for spiritual reasons and not just for the seance, 'grounding and protection' is critical with what we do and we always advise that if you do attend a paranormal event and the organisor offers no such protection from an experienced Medium, you are best walking away. Investigations can encounter dark as well as white spirits and the last thing we want to see is someone taking back a guest they didn't arrive with.
We welcome and encourage those of you that wish to engage in your own spiritual beliefs, for example; pendulums, dowsing rods, crystal healing, energies etc. You are free to engage in these activities at our events and we are keen to learn from you as well. The same applies for those of you that use their own paranormal equipment, please bring it and your free to use it.
Your safety and enjoyment is paramount. We always have at least one qualified First Aider at events as well as a Security Officer, not just to keep our equipment safe but also that of our customers. We are fully Insured for Public Liability and we always conduct risk assessments at new venues.


A typical paranormal investigation will be for approx six hours. Each investigation will involve at least four different events with the numbers attending split into four different smaller groups. There will be no more than ten people per group. Each group will then attend throughout the night four different events with four different Investigators or Medium. The CCTV Night Vision system operates four cameras and is permanently manned throughout the event, which may or may not be covering a room being investigated. The CCTV system does not form part of the group activities but we know many like to monitor the cameras which can be fascinating to watch, so you are free to sit in at CCTV at anytime during the event. If you feel like a break grab yourself a coffee and join the CCTV Operator.

The whole investigation is science based and will use equipment based on a particular activity. Don't forget to read our equipment stock page. You can expect to be fully engaged and will be using our equipment and we will show you how to use it.

All Investigators as well as CCTV keep in touch via radio. If something of interest occurs within any event and the Investigator feels it's important, they will let the other teams know whats occurring so you can join them if you wish.

It's how you evolve activity that is key to success.

Success is based on evidence and the more evidence you have the better chance of being in a position of being 100% confident what you experienced was 'Paranormal' and maybe even the holy grail of 'Supernatural.'

The reasons for good reliable evidence are obvious. An example would be a sudden high EMF reading, also known as a 'spike' when previous readings were showing zero. You immediately conduct sessions and hear at the same time a Class A 'intelligent' EVP or Ghost Box capture when again nothing was previously found in that location. You also get the camera and film a mist or light anomaly in the same location. You have three different pieces of evidence. In short, you have experienced activity and evolved the event to the point you have proved it as 'positive'. 

We do have Terms & Conditions and we will presume you have read them and agree to them in full when booking any event. If you have not yet read them please follow this LINK or you can download them by following this LINK.