'Important Information concerning third party Investigators and Organisations':

We may use third party Investigators or organisations as we see fit, which may include them visiting your property to investigate. We will only do this with your written permission and approval.
By agreeing to our Code of Conduct you are also agreeing to this condition and the possibility of agreeing to those third party investigators' or organisations' own policies which may supersede our own.

For more information regarding UK GDPR please visit this LINK

*'GDPR Compliance'

UK GDPR Compliance means an organisation that falls within the scope of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) meets the requirements for properly handling personal data as defined in the law. The GDPR outlines certain obligations organisations must follow which limit how personal data can be used.

Code of Conduct

1. When we are first contacted, you will receive an automated reply and will always receive a full personal reply within 24 hours. All communications are totally confidential. If we need to speak to a third party about your case we will ask for your written permission before doing so.

2. We will keep in contact with you until your case has been resolved and then by weekly contact until such time we consider your case to be completed.

3. We will always open a new case file and all correspondence remains confidential and not disclosed to a third party without your written consent and UK GDPR Compliant.

4. Photographs and movies you have taken and supplied to us remain your property and will be destroyed when we are requested to do so. We do occasionally ask for your written permission to post these on either Facebook or our web site as an interest for others. We will only do so with your written permission. We will never release your name or location details.

5. Fees. All help and support is provided without any charge. If your case requires a full investigation (travelling to your location to investigate) we may ask for travel costs to be reimbursed, but this will be discussed with you in advance of travel.

6. We will always try and establish a full time line of your activity. This will involve a high number of questions. We only require honesty, we will ask if you know why the activity is taking place, for example, if you have used a Ouija Board, this is the time to tell us.

7. Research. We will always study the proximity and location of mobile phone masts and electrical pylons as well as other enviromental research. Changes to the electro magnetic field (EMF) is a not just a risk to health but can also account for some unusual activity. We will supply and discuss the results with you. It is always helpful if your able to provide any history concerning the location experiencing problems.

8. Full Investigation. Before suggesting a full investigation, we will have fully researched the location and it's activity. A full investigation is extremely disruptive and used only as a last resort. We do not conduct eradication procedures.

9. What will a full investigation will involve? We will not visit or investigate a property where only under eighteen year olds are present. We require a safe and quiet environment, therefore late evening and into the early hours is ideal due to less noise contamination from outside sources. We would prefer if you would remain in the property whilst we are there and your free to have a friend or partner with you.

10. What is an investigation? Investigating what is causing the activity. Evidence this activity, may be using electronic devices and recording this activity.

Please note: We do not enter into activity eradication.

Thank you for your time in reading this.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us by email: admin@paranormalinvestigationuk.com