Paranormal Practitioner.

Andrew Draper


Investigator & Technical Support.

Andrew was born in Tamworth and moved to Stone Staffordshire when was ten.

Following graduation from university and armed with degrees in Economics, Philosophy and Politics, went to work for Royal Mail before moving to Customer Service and Sales. It was while working in Stoke on Tent that the chance came to diversify into database management which oversees software integration and business analysis.

Andrew also runs with Amanda Griffiths 'The Paranormal Discussion Group' on Facebook and can be found by clicking the facebook logo below as well as the site forum.

Andrew has three young children and his hobbies include golf and reading.

Andy's interest in the Paranormal started in his late teens and having a logical and analytical mind leads to a strong skepticism until proven otherwise.

Contact Andy at:

Electronic Voice Phenomena.
Computer software inc data protocol.